Meeting of MOR Board - Thursday, June 22, 2017

Meeting of MOR Board – Thursday, June 22, 2017 at 8:30 a.m.


Angel Fuller

Kimberly Stoll

Dave Kiddy

Phil Hanks

Patti Stokes

Ramilya Siegel

Ann Schneider

Absent: Mickey Tingen, Stacy Hall


Meeting opened at 8:30 a.m. Ann moved to approve agenda, Dave seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Patti distributed and reviewed Finance report; MOR has approx. $30K in bank. A few expenses for Ridgefest may still be outstanding, but it was our best year ever in terms of Carnival rides – approx. $6K net profit. Glow Run approx. $2K net profit.

Board discussed how much of net profits to donate to designated nonprofits. Phil moved to give $1K to Next Step Ministries, seconded by Angel. Motion passed unanimously.  

Also discussed issue of registration company used for Glow Run. Charges not clear yet, but probably not necessary in future because this race isn’t timed. Need to have a clear contract in future if we do use them again. Registration could be done on Merchants site since race isn’t timed.

Phil discussed wish list items for 2018:

Branded tent - many options discussed, but decided to purchase a tent with MOR logo and use banners in back or elsewhere to brand specific events. Tent could be used for a variety of events including music in the park events. Phil will get pricing.

Speakers – many options discussed; Phil moved to approve purchase of a speaker costing up to $250; Dave seconded; motion approved unanimously.

Clock and finish lines – Clock not necessary if event is not timed. Could use silly string instead of a finish line.

Lights for woods during glow run – permanent lights in the woods were discussed, but there were concerns about the timing, the fact that Merchants would only use once a year, and conformance with the Design Guidelines, since the park is in the Historic District. Issue was tabled for further research and discussion.

Discussed adding minutes of MOR meetings to Web site; all agreed this is a good idea. Board minutes can be provided upon request to members, but not necessary to post.

Touch-a-truck idea raised by Phil as a possible addition to Thursday night during Ridgefest as a way of reaching families with younger kids. All agreed this is a good idea. Role of Parks and Rec and MOR relative to this new event discussed, with some concern about MOR taking on another event. This will be discussed further.

Discussion of the perceptions of the Town’s and MOR’s relative contributions to Ridgefest. Some misconceptions still need to be corrected, but much progress has been made.

Adjourned at 10AM, motion by Phillip Hanks, second by Angelique Fuller, approved unanimously.


N.B.: Following the meeting, a motion was made by email to approve the addition of Brandy Owen to the Board as Secretary, following Rajiv Gupta’s resignation. The motion was approved by a majority of board members by email, and Brandy was subsequently welcomed to the board by email.