Meeting of MOR Board - Thursday, August 25th, 2017

Meeting of MOR Board – Thursday, August 25th, 2017 at 8:20 a.m.


Angel Fuller

Mickey Tingen

Kimberly Stoll

Dave Kiddy

Phil Hanks

Patti Stokes

Ann Schneider

Brandy Owen

Absent: Ramilya Siegel


8:20am - Meeting called to order, Phillip Hanks.

Dave Kiddy moved to approve agenda, Angel seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

Motion from Phillip to approve minutes from June and July, Dave seconded and motion passed unanimously.   

Patty Patti distributed and reviewed Finance report; the only real change from the last financial statement was that a check was written for the Cole Pickford scholarship for $2000.00. All of the finances have been completed from Ridgefest and we are just waiting for the next event for any upcoming changes.

Dave Kiddy stated that he received a very nice thank you note from Cole Pickford to the MOR for his scholarship.

Still looking for the MOR ribbon cutting scissors, everyone please keep a look out for them.

Triad Eye Care will be having their Grand Opening from 3 to 8pm on September 28th, 2017.   

Patty discussed doing some direct marketing for the MOR in the Explore Historic Oak Ridge Event publication with the Northwest Observer. A full-page ad was suggested – majority approved.

Great Pumpkin Event update from Angel Fuller;

·      $200.00 sponsorship was still open.

·      New, updated, larger event signs needed:  Angel suggested ordering new ones. Phillip suggested            submitting the costs for approval as soon as she is able.

·      Volunteers still needed for costume registration and judging.

·      Suggestions for table layout will be rearranged to face one another.

·      Larger sound system will be in place.

·      Better parade organization this year (Dave Kiddy volunteered to help with organization).

·      Three costume categories; Children, Adult and Dog

·      Snap Fitness to help with wooden boxes/platforms to present the costume contest awards.

·      Cameron and Mood Swingz are currently working on their performance, we will know more, closer to the event. 

Bruce Frankel was open to suggestions regarding his Educational Moment. Dave and Phillip suggested open it up to others if they wanted to share their own Educational Moments.

Business on TAP – potentially switch it up to different venues. Since some people are unable to host the evening BOT because of scheduling conflicts, a Business Before Hours/Breakfast on Tap was suggested as an alternative. Also suggested was having the ability to have a “Guest Speaker” for BOT, should there be an opening or cancellation. Dave Kiddy suggested co-sponsorship opportunities as well to feature the “Guest Speaker” Business On Tap. It was discussed that the burden of paying for the BOT will be on either the guest speaker or the sponsor. Phillip suggested dropping the BOT during the summer months due to low attendance.

November Business On Tap will feature a guest speaker sponsored by Dave Kiddy called Fosnet Self Defense. 

Christmas Party for MOR will be Tuesday December the 5th in lieu of Business On Tap.

Phillip suggested that the MOR begin featuring a “Business of the Week” to be featured on social media as well as through an email blast. Ideally if a business has an event going on, then they can be featured during that week.

Brandy suggested a form of “Speed Dating for Business” for the members to get to know the other members of the MOR better. They would do this by setting up chairs facing each other and taking two minutes to hit three points about yourself and your business before having to switch seats.

Adjourned at 9:37AM, motion by Phillip Hanks, second by Ann Schneider, approved unanimously.