Meeting of MOR Board - Thursday, January 25th, 2018

Meeting of MOR Board – Thursday, January 25th at 8:31 a.m.


Angel Fuller

Mickey Tingen

Kimberly Stoll

Dave Kiddy

Phil Hanks

Patti Stokes

Ann Schneider

Brandy Owen

Susan Greeson


8:31am - Meeting called to order, Phillip Hanks.

Patti Stokes stated that there is really no change in the finances, still waiting for all of the membership dues to come in.  


Dave Kiddy update on scholarship – new guidelines submitted to Northwest HS the scholarship amount will still be $2000. The counseling department will send it out to graduating seniors over the next few weeks. The scholarship committee will also be meeting with ORMA today to go over creating a scholarship program for cadets (available to lower and upper classmen) to apply for an additional $2000 that the MOR would like to make available. The committee will update the board as they know more.


Business on tap update – since a scheduling conflict with the Oak Ridge Room has arisen, we are considering moving the mixer venue to other locations as needed, and as long as they fit within the current year’s budget.


Ann Schneider is thinking to create a Special Event’s Committee to help celebrate the town’s 20th Anniversary though one or various events. Anyone in the MOR that might be interested in joining the committee please contact Ann Schneider. 


Meeting called to close at 9:31am.


Submitted Respectfully


Brandy Owen

The Arche Group