Meeting of MOR Board - Thursday, May 24th, 2018

Meeting of MOR Board – Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 8:30 a.m.


Mickey Tingen

Trisha Pegg

Dave Kiddy

Phil Hanks

Ann Schneider

Brandy Owen

Susan Greeson

8:38am - Meeting called to order, Phillip Hanks.

Currently no change in the finances, still waiting for all of the membership dues to come in.  

Dave Kiddy update on scholarship – NWHS, finalist has been chosen Jillian Petrosky, it will be awarded at the senior awards ceremony 5/25/2018. ORMA - currently the scholarship is still under review, it will be awarded at the fall ceremony.

Business On Tap – Skipped for June.

Ridgefest update – Layout is about the same – pushing the rides back twords the woods. Food trucks will be arranged at an angle for better walk through – we have 9 trucks, we have also asked for an extra 5% not to exceed $250, to be donated back to the scholarship fund if they do well. 

Glow Run – We will be ordering extra shirts to have for giveaways. We also have industrial glow sticks to mark the trails with – we need some extra volunteers to help put stuff out. 

20th Anniversary Town update – Ann Schneider, Kick off at Ridgefest and will be coordinating with most of the town’s upcoming events.  

Meeting called to close at 9:17am. 

Submitted Respectfully,

Brandy Owen 

The Arche Group