January 24, 2019 - January MOR Board Minutes

Merchants of Oak Ridge

Meeting Minutes from January 24, 2019

Attending: Susan Greeson, Ann Schneider, Mickey Tingen, Bruce Frankel, Maureena Shepherd Phillip Hanks

The meeting was opened by Susan Greesen and called to order.

Susan is going to work on getting the text REMIND notification established for MOR, send messages to remind about BOD meetings and regular MOR meetings.

Email Agendas 10 days in advance for BOD and MOR meetings

Bruce Frankel is going to work on changing up speakers for the education moments and also have 3 members speak on a specific topic for 5 min each. Also discussed getting different experts in to discuss specific topics at meetings to keep meeting interesting.

  • Mickey Tingen, Ann Schnieder, Maureena Shepherd are doing the Feb meeting. Discussion Topic: Why did you decide to start your business.

Committees - Great Pumpkin, Scholarship, Ridgefest, Run the Ridge all need volunteers for each committe. Ann Schnieder, Phillip Hanks, and Maureena Shepherd agreed to be on the Scholarship Committee.

Discussions on further getting the word out about the Merchants - Maureena Shepherd to get information for the Oak Ridge Elementary Sponsorships.

Meeting Adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Maureena Shepherd