July 25, 2019

Meeting Minutes from July 25, 2019

Attending: Susan Greeson, Ann Schneider, Mickey Tingen, Bruce Frankel, Maureena Shepherd, Phillip Hanks, Madeline Busch

The meeting was opened by Susan Greesen and called to order.

-Financial updates are coming, everyone would like to see treasurer statements at eery meeting. Have Actual vs. Expense Report.

-Discussed having no town hall discussions involving politics.

-Great Opportunities to educate by having special speaker

  • Business Practices

  • Time Management

  • Organizational

  • HR

  • Taxes

-Discussed having meeting with Angel Fuller so we can all work together to get together a committee for the Great Pumpkin Event. Maureena Shepherd & Associates will handle the parade and costume contest.


Meeting Adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Maureena Shepherd