RidgeFest Sponsor Opportunity


RidgeFest Sponsor Opportunity

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RidgeFest 2018 is rapidly approaching...May 31, June 1-2

This will be the tenth year of the event and continues to be one of the
best opportunities to connect with the local community in Oak Ridge.
Last year we had an estimated 5,500+ attend the event. 
For me, it's all about watching families, kids and adults enjoying the many activities.
Partnering with the town of Oak Ridge, the merchants have always been
critical to the success of the event. The merchants financial support and participation have made it possible to build the event. The main purpose of this email is to secure sponsors and provide a framework of how merchants can participate. I will follow-up with an email including the detailed schedule of events at RidgeFest.

How can the merchants of Oak Ridge membership participate?

1) Sponsorship of the event... levels of sponsorship are below...
 Kryptonite - 1 @ $1,500 (New for 2018)...(Vestal Buick/GMC has committed to
                       this using the money they prepaid in 2017).
                       Includes all the marketing in each of the following levels.
                       Plus...RidgeFest Facebook ad campaign for three weeks.(new in 2018)
                       Ampitheatre sponsor recognition banner(new in 2018)
                       Logo size in all materials is based on level...higher level = bigger logo.

Platinum -      1 @ $1000
                        Includes all the marketing in the following levels
                        Plus...Ampitheatre sponsor recognition banner(new in 2018)

 Gold -             2 @ $750
                         Includes all the marketing in the following levels
                         Plus...Ampitheatre sponsor recognition banner(new in 2018)
Silver -             3 @ $500
                         Includes all the marketing in the following levels
                         Plus individual "real estate" sign with logo(new in 2018)

Bronze -          4 @ $250
                         Includes your logo in each of the following.....RidgeFest website feature, 
                         NW Observer ads, Kernersville News ad, post event "thank you" ad, 
                         event schedule "welcome sign" at the entrance to RidgeFest and 100
                         11x18 RidgeFest posters. All sponsors will have a prime location on the
                         sidewalk leading from the "entrance" to the ampitheatre on Saturday
                         during the Merchant showcase.

  Sponsorships can be secured on the MOR website....Thank you for your support!                       
2) RidgeFest Supporter...Based on some feedback from past years we are adding
     a level for MOR members only to get added exposure for their business
     at a great value. For a $100 investment your business will be listed by
     name(not logo) on the MOR website RidgeFest ad, the event schedule welcome sign
     and the post event thank you ad as a RidgeFest supporter. Limited to 10 participants.

3) Merchant showcase... On Saturday we set up an area for merchants to showcase their business from 4-8pm. Last year we had 18 businesses and 13 non profits. Members and non-profits are free. Any business that is not a member can participate
for a $75 fee or they can join the merchants. Most businesses set up a table and a pop up 10 x 10 tent. It's best to find a way to engage the people at your booth...a simple game, demonstration or giveaways. Let me know if you want to discuss ideas for your booth. We've seen a ton of great ideas over the years. Please confirm participation via email.

4) Donate product or services... We will have some opportunities to showcase your
     product or services. I'll be in touch within the next month.

5) Volunteers... I'll send out a list of opportunities later this month. 

6) Attend with family or friends...Great food trucks, great music and lots of fun activities. Need I say more.

Please email me or call me if you are interested in any opportunities or have any questions or ideas you would like to discuss.

My email is rfloss@aol.com.

Thank you for your consideration.

Randy Floss

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