Information regarding legal documentation and intellectual property.


Merchants of Oak Ridge is a not for profit organization.


Organizations, Corporations, Outside groups, outside individuals, and Non-current members (membership not active and/or dues not currently paid up) shall not use the Merchants of Oak Ridge logo without explicitly written permission of the President, Vice-President(s), and/or the marketing chair person.



The Merchants of Oak Ridge Facebook Page, hereby referred to in this document as "MOR Facebook" page, was created as a tool for promoting our association, to publicize our association’s sponsored events and to share news about our association, i.e., our annual scholarship program and winners, upcoming business network opportunities, photos, member milestones, etc.

At any given time, four people within the association will have administrative rights on our Facebook page, and will be able to post directly to the page. All four individuals will have (1) agreed to abide by our association’s Facebook policy and (2) agreed to be responsible for keeping our Facebook page updated and monitored:

  Facebook administrator

  MOR president

  MOR marketing chairman

  MOR Website administrator

 Posts promoting individual members will be limited to milestone events and out-of-the ordinary news – such as business anniversary, professional awards, and annual sales or celebrations. Members will be encouraged to post routine happenings and news about their businesses to their individual Facebook pages.

Members wishing to share a milestone event on the MOR Facebook page are asked to send the information and any associated photos to one of the four people with posting authority.

Members are welcome to "tag" the merchants as appropriate and encouraged to "check in" and invite others to “like” the page in an effort to build our association’s Social Media presence. 

Facebook policy


    ByLaws may be downloaded as a PDF here.

    The Articles of Corporation may be downloaded here.

    Articles of Corporation