Annual Meeting Minutes - November 8th

The meeting was held at Oak Ridge Town Hall at 8315 Linville Rd. Oak Ridge, NC 27310

Present were David Bowman, Madeline Busch, Ann Schneider, Lauri Reneer, Shane Beal, Josef Zimmerman, Bruce Frankel, Pat Fehlig, Annette Joyce, Tim DeStasio, John Carr, George McClellan, DeDe Cunningham, Mickey Tingen, Alan Abrams, Phillip Hanks, and Ben Walraven.

The meeting was called to order at 8:15am by Phillip Hanks.

Members introduced themselves and what they’d like to see from the organization.

Then, the floor opened for nominations to the board of Directors.

Nominations were Jeff Kubly, Maureena Sheppherd, Bruce Frankel, Shane Beal, and Alan Abrams.

Ann Schneider made a motion to adopt the slate of nominees (since enough people were otherwise not running for re-election).

It was seconded by Mickey Tingen.

All in favor said “I”.

No Opposed.

The slate was adopted.

Stepping down from the board are Angelique Fuller, Dave Kiddy, Brandy Owen, and Kimberly Stoll.

Remaining on board are Mickey Tingen, Phillip Hanks, Trisha Pegg, Susan Greeson, and Ann Schneider.

Ann Schneider gave a town update.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15am