Merchants of Oak Ridge Meeting

Meeting Minutes from May 9, 2019


The meeting was opened by Susan Greeson and called to order @ 8:15

Meeting minutes from April were discussed and approved.

Ridgfest Update from Randy Floss:

  • Expecting 5,000 people Sat and 2,500 people on Friday

  • Please help hang up posters

  • Need volunteers for booth

New Farmers Market every Thursday night next to the shell station, currently have 30 vendors.

Business on Tap:

  • Thank you Maureena Shepherd & Associates for providing a fun Business on Tap

MOR welcomes our guests.

Town Council Updates will be given on our MOR Facebook page.

Member Business introductions made.

Education Moment given by Bruce Frankel.

DeDe Cunningham- Keller Williams

Meeting Adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Maureena Shepherd