June Minute -6/12/2019

Meeting Minutes from June 6, 2019

Attending: DeDe Cunningham, Bruce Frankel, Ramilya Siegel, Sebastian King, George McClellan, Mickey Tingen, Alan Abram, Andy Mitchel, Phil Ray, Maureena Shepherd, Laura Reneer, Phillip Hanks, John Carr, Dave Kiddy

-The meeting was opened by Susan Greeson and called to order @ 8:15

-Meeting minutes from May were discussed and approved.

-Operating Account:

Not including proceeds from RidgeFest is $53,472.34. Approximate Net form RidgeFest & Glow Run is $6,500 -7k.

-Welcome Guest Speaker Greg Mikolek - Cyber Securities

-Member Introductions

-Welcome our newest Member - Culligan Wataer

-Scholarship Presentation - Congratulations to our scholarship winners

-Guest Speaker Greg Mikelek gave discussion on Cyber Securites

-George McClellan gave town council update

-Bruce Frankel- Education Moment

Meeting Adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Maureena Shepherd