Volunteers and Vendors sign-up

To volunteer, please fill out the appropriate form. This will automatically email Phillip (about merchants tent volunteers) or Andy (about Run the Ridge volunteers) and drop everything into a spreadsheet for us.

If you are to be a vendor/ have a space at Ridgefest on the field, fill out the corresponding form. The form will automatically email Randy AND put you and your business in a spreadsheet. If you have already emailed Randy, you are not required to do this, but for the sake of automation, it would ensure we have you listed.


Volunteer to help with run the ridge

Volunteer to Help at Merchants Tent on Saturday June 3 - by handing out free-bies to people playing the prize wheel

Ridgefest vendor/Merchant Confirmation

Are you bringing prizes for the MOR Prize Wheel? Whether you already have brought, or will bring prizes for us to give out, will you please fill out the below form so that Mickey can PRE-organize the wheel. It would help immensely.